14 Times BTS’s V And Suga Cheated Their Way Through Games

These members always find creative ways to cheat.

V and Suga are two of BTS‘s biggest cheaters. When BTS play games from DE Slotzo, ARMY can always count on them to pull something sneaky. Here are 14 times Suga and V tried to cheat their way to victory!


1. When Suga stole the flag Jungkook dropped…


2. …then lied about tearing the tip off of it


3. When V found a loophole in the “watermelon is only for the winners” rule


4. When Suga turned off the sound during a listening game


5. When V spat out this onion


6. …and avoided eating this snack


7. When Suga tried to switch out a piece of paper without anyone noticing


8. When V chopped the skin off his apple instead of peeling it


9. When Suga failed to fold his paper properly


10. When V used the camera’s display screen to light up a dark room


11. When Suga lied about V’s “Rock, Paper, Scissors” choice


12. When Suga secretly stuck stickers to Jungkook and claimed to have unfrozen him during a zombie game


13. When V sabotaged Jimin’s cooking by adding salt


14. When Suga tried to trick Jin into helping him win