BTS’s V Is The Next Guest On Suga’s “Suchwita” — 9 Chaotic Spoilers From The Episode

#5 will be iconic! 🤣

In a new trailer for the next episode of BTS Suga‘s Suchwita, the latest guest is none other than V! Check out what we can expect from the upcoming episode below.

1. Suga complimenting V nonstop

He loves his little bro so much!

2. V’s debut solo album Layover

They will talk about the vibe that we can expect from the exciting release.

3. The colors of V that he’s discovering

It’s his first time discussing this journey to finding his sound and personal style.

4. Hilarious behind-the-scenes stories

Get ready for this story about V and Suga in Paris!

5. The infamous “I Love You” text

OG ARMYs will remember this iconic moment. Now, they’re elaborating on this legendary text!

6. Possibly planning for a new Bon Voyage

It all started with V wanting to see an aurora.

7. Goofing around

They’ll be doing plenty of…whatever this is.

8. Lots of comfortable conversation

Of course, they know each other better than anyone!

9. More Suga doting on V

Did we mention he loves him?

Catch the full episode on Monday September 11 at 10 PM!

Watch the full trailer below.