10+ Boyfriend Material Photos Of BTS’s V That Every ARMY Needs In Their Camera Roll 

Check out these rare pics!

BTS‘s V thinks he’s not so good at taking “boyfriend material” photos, but ARMYs beg to differ! Take a look at these 10+ pictures of him below where he proved he has a real knack for it.

1. Scenic photos

The view is beautiful…oh, and the background looks nice, too!

2. Eating together

If V was your boyfriend, you would see this during every meal!

3. Traveling the world

France, Hawaii, LA — The world is his oyster.

4. Visiting museums

As an art lover, V loves visiting exhibitions and getting inspiration.

5. Playing with puppies

Whether it’s his own dog, Yeontan, or another member’s pet, he looks too cute cuddled up with a furry creature!

6. Enjoying every season

From summer to winter, V proves that he looks good every season!

7. Derps and funny filters

Boyfriend V would send you tons of hilarious photos with filters. Prepare yourself!

8. Throwbacks

You can’t forget the golden oldies!