8 Times BTS’s V Looked Too Good For Words In His Celine Shirt

#3 was a look. 😍

Every ARMY knows about BTS V‘s legendary Celine shirt! Retailing for $475 USD, the white shirt is anything but basic. Check out 8 times he showed just how sexy the plain white t-shirt can be!

1. In his Instagram stories

When he’s just relaxing at home, he’s rocking the shirt…

…and he knows he looks good!

2. On stage

He went viral among fans for this soundcheck outfit.

Lucky ARMYs!

3. Entering a music show

Paired with a brown blazer and his electric blue hair, he shows it can go with anything!

4. During a live broadcast

Bring back TaeTae FM!

5. Taking selfies

He’s the master of boyfriend material photos.

6. While practicing

The lightweight shirt is perfect to practice in while looking effortlessly expensive.

7. During rehearsal

He brings his luxurious image wherever he goes.

8. Going to the concert

Let’s hope he never retires this shirt!