9 Times BTS V’s Baby Face Didn’t Match His Manly Body

His look in #4 is 🔥!

BTS‘s V is the full package: He has both adorable visuals and a buff body! Check out some of the times he showed off his duality below.

1. During the “Butter” music video shoot, V made sure to pump up his muscles.

However, his baby face was in full effect!

2. During BTS’s Map Of The Soul ON:E concert, V stunned fans with his visuals…

…as well as his muscles!

3. In the gym, V is totally in the zone.

His big arms might distract you from his adorable concentration face!

4. He looks flawless in plain a white t-shirt.

He doesn’t need much to emphasize his physique!

5. This look is the true definition of duality.

Cute face, hot body!

6. Even when V was younger, he always had some muscle.

Don’t let the pink dumbbell fool you!

7. He’s working on his form.

The man you are today, Taehyung!

8. When he takes a break from the gym to do this.

He knows what he does to ARMY!

9. During everyday life, he shows off his guns.

Maybe he rolled up his sleeve on purpose!