9 Times BTS’s V Drove ARMYs Crazy With His Facial Expressions

#3 will make you 😳!

BTS‘s V is known for his ability to convey a variety of emotions through just his expressions! Whether he’s on or off of the stage, he’s a master of using his face to communicate a whole story. Check out some of the moments below he left ARMYs in awe of his expressions.

1. Sultry, piercing gaze

This will put any ARMY under his spell!

2. From excited to intense

He can switch on a dime.

3. The small details

The subtle movements can make the biggest impact, like his slight eyebrow raise.

4. Pure and handsome

He knows exactly what works for him.

5. 100% flirty

He conveys it all through his eyes.

6. Wait for it

From smug to sexy, he’s a king of stage expressions!

7. This iconic moment

It’s no wonder new idols love to study V’s expressions.

8. A real-life teddy bear

You would never guess this is him offstage!

9. Subtle smile

He’s just so dreamy…without even trying!