15 Moments Where BTS’s V Was Unintentionally The Funniest Person Alive

Yes, #4 actually happened. 🤣

Being a comedian comes naturally to BTS‘s V! Check out 15 moments he made us all laugh without even trying.

1. When he interrupted Suga without realizing it

2. When he accidentally became the perfect thief

3. His most iconic Weverse responses to ARMYs

4. When he did this during a live broadcast

5. When he tried his very best to kick the bottle cap

6. When he discussed his goldfish during an interview

7. When he kept a straight face while saying his favorite lyrics

8. When he had this reaction to Jin effortlessly opening the lid

9. When he did this during Suga’s speech on a live broadcast

10. When he had this reaction to J-Hope betraying him

11. When he was the chosen as the certified baby of BTS

12. When he got the punishment but just rolled with it and made it even funnier

13. When he had this reaction to Jin licking his ice cream

14. When he had this reaction to the water spraying episode of Run BTS!

15. When he dropped all of these one-liners