Here Are 15 Of BTS V’s Most “Boyfriend Material” Moments On Instagram So Far

Every ARMY needs to see #3!

Along with the rest of the members, BTS‘s V got Instagram in order to show ARMYs more of himself. From vacations to artwork, he’s revealing all sorts of things about his personal life! Check out 15 of the things he’s posting lately that are certifiably “boyfriend material!”

1. Driving in the car and singing along to his favorite song

He took all 26M of his followers on this ride!

2. Posting casual shirtless videos

His facial hair is on and his shirt is off!

Plus, he revealed some of his Christmas decor. Too cute!

3. Going to concerts and dancing his heart out

He lived his best life seeing Harry Styles!

4. Showing his little pup

Yeontan looks too cozy wrapped up in his plush blanket.

5. Revealing what he’s eating for dinner

Just like any boyfriend, he’ll update you at all times of the day!

6. Going out with his friends

After his quarantine ended, he went out with fellow Wooga Squad member and actor Choi Woo Shik.

7. Trying new drinks

Vodka wasn’t a winner for him!

8. Boyfriend material photos

If you’re dating V, you’re camera roll might look like this!

9. The mandatory derp photo

You always need a few derp photos in the mix!

10. Asking you how his facial hair looks

The results are in: We’re obsessed!

11. Venting about his struggles

When his record player broke, he had to show the sad moment.

12. Revealing what he’s drinking

His late night updates are sponsored by alcohol.

13. Posting his stunning artwork

He loves to be creative and make new things to show ARMYs.

14. Adding new music to your playlist

He suggested some music he’s been loving lately from jazz to pop. Troye Sivan is one of his faves!

15. Doing a whole lot of this

This video is boyfriend V in a nutshell!

Source: @thv/Instagram