Here Are 10 Moments BTS’s V And J-Hope Turned “In The SOOP” Into The Sweetest K-Drama

#3 is so wholesome!

During both seasons of “In The SOOP,” BTS‘s J-Hope and V delivered the sweetest content that made fans feel like they were watching something out of a K-Drama! Check out 10 magical moments they had the most fun.

1. Water Fight

From water guns to water balloons, their battle ended up as the most endearing moment of all!

Nobody was harmed in the making of this “fight!”

2. Trumpet Dance Session

While V played his trumpet from the deck…

…J-Hope danced along in the pool!

Despite the heat, the two danced around to some songs, including BTS’s “So What.”

3. Getting Lunch

The two got some food and sat in the back of the car to eat and enjoy the view.

Of course, they had to throw in some dance time!

4. Feeding Each Other

As the hyung, J-Hope takes care of V and gives him some of his food.

He’ll never let his little brother go hungry!

5. Wake Up Alarm

Saying “good morning” is too ordinary for them! J-Hope chose the cutest method to get V out of bed.

6. Sightseeing

Taking a walk together, they took in the beautiful view.

There’s always time for selfies!

7. Racing RC Cars

Cheating didn’t help V with their race!

8. Preparing Food

Breakfast is on V and J-Hope couldn’t be happier.

9. Rock-Paper-Scissors

When picking the rooms they wanted, they settled it with a hilarious game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

10. Eating Sandwiches From V’s Mom

The food was packed with love and the flavor of home!