12 Hilarious “Vmin” Moments Of BTS’s V And Jimin To Give You A Boost Of Serotonin

#2 is an iconic moment for this duo!

BTS‘s Jimin and V are the sweetest pair of best friends. Born only two months apart, they laugh together, fight together, and play together like real brothers. Check out 12 of their funniest moments together below that are sure to put a smile on any ARMY’s face!

1. When Jimin left V hanging for high five

He still got the high five in the end…from himself!

2. The betrayal that almost ended their friendship

Things get serious during Run BTS!

3. When they were too loud for Suga to sleep

The purpose of the skit was to show off their pajamas, but Vmin had other plans.

4. When V was Jimin’s biggest fan during his mukbang

His comment was too cute!

5. When V hit his head during a livestream and Jimin immediately checked on him

Once your bestie is okay, then it’s time to laugh.

6. This chaotic moment from Bon Voyage Season 2

You never know what kind of mayhem this energetic duo will get into.

7. Jimin teasing V with this watermelon

So close yet so far!

8. When Jimin captured V with his legs

Maximum cuteness level exceeded.

9. When V helped Jimin secretly cheat during this memory game

Best friends have a way of communicating with each other that no one else gets!

10. This iconic clip of the two riding horses

Jimin’s horse was a bicycle, but close enough.

11. Being crazy in the practice room

It’s fun just watching them play!

12. When V said this about his high school friends

No wonder they get along so well!