BTS’s V And Jungkook Once Went Through An Iconic “Dubsmash” Phase — Here Are All 18 Videos

Before TikTok, there was Taekook on Dubsmash. 🀣

Only the most dedicated ARMY remember BTS‘s hilarious Dubsmash phase back in 2015! In a land before TikTok, users would lip sync to hilarious audio clips and songs. Some of the most passionate users were none other than V and Jungkook who made sure to catalogue all of their iconic videos on BTS’s official Twitter account. Check out every Dubsmash they created below!

1. Ice cream and cakey cake

2. Jimin, you got no jams

3. Drop the bass

4. You’re smart…

5. Birdy, birdy, birdy!

6. Chocolate?!

7. No, no, no…

8. Good afternoon, good evening, and good night

9. What’s up, Doc?

10. HEY!

11. I’m in love with you

12. I will not let you destroy my world!

13. Ahem…

14. Mom, mum, mummy, mama

15. Spongebob dubstep

16. No boyfriend? No problem.

17. Boom, clap

18. Pikachu!