Here Are 20+ Gorgeous Photos Of BTS V’s Super Hot “ELLE Korea” Photoshoot

#6 will leave you shook!

ELLE Korea unveiled its photoshoot of cover star BTS‘s V on March 16. As anticipated, the photoshoot quickly went viral as V looked stunning in all the photos, showing off his sexy and charismatic side. Check out all of the gorgeous photos below!

1. His piercing gaze is going straight into ARMY’s hearts.

2. The phrase “nose piercing” immediately trended on Twitter when he debuted the new look.

3. His visuals are unreal!


4. He’s serving James Dean vibes — and we’re living for it.

5. With a slicked hairdo, he rocks a brand new style.

6. Two words: Shirtless Taehyung!

7. This rugged and cool look shows off his edgy side.

8. This concept might win as your personal favorite.

9. He’s so 😍!


10. Models are lucky V chose music as a career!

11. He’s the man of everyone’s dreams.

12. ARMY’s knight in shining armor has arrived.

13. This photoshoot is one of his best to date!