10 Moments That Show BTS V’s True Personality

#3 shows his real intentions.

BTS‘s V is a true angel! Always looking out for the people around him, he doesn’t have one selfish bone in his body. Check out 10 times he showed how kind and empathetic he really is!

1. Getting a chair for NU’EST when they didn’t have enough

At an award ceremony, V didn’t hesitate to help another group in need.

Afterwards, Jimin congratulated him on being so kind!

2. Protecting a fan during an embarrassing moment

V let a fan know she had lipstick on her teeth during a fansign event.

While she fixed it, V covered her so she wouldn’t feel embarrassed. Too cute!

3. Not hesitating to share with his members

He values his members’ well-being more than just his own.

4. When he got a flamingo plushie for J-Hope

V remembered what J-Hope said about flamingos and kindly won the gift for him while at a fair.

BTS Bon Voyage Season 3 | Naver
| Naver

V loves making people smile!

5. Giving away his McDonald’s stickers to the kids

He was so happy to help the children build their collection.

6. Remembering the little details about Jimin

When Jimin said his pants were too big, V made a mental note…

…and then bought him a kit to fix it while shopping.

7. Throwing the game to make the guests feel welcome

V went against his own team so the guests on Run BTS! could get some points.

His sacrifice was too sweet!

8. Being worried for the fans when it’s cold

He’s always telling ARMYs to dress warm and stay healthy.

9. Being kind to all of his co-stars

V takes care of everyone who works with him.

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They all have stories of his kind heart, like his “little sister” in the “ON” music video who said he tried his best to make her feel welcome and genuinely cares about her.

10. Looking out for staff

He always checks up on staff members, cameramen, and reporters to make sure they’re okay, too!