9 Must-See Moments From BTS V’s Late-Night Weverse Live

#6 might make you cry!

BTS‘s V proved just how spontaneous he is when he suddenly held a Weverse live late at night. If you missed it, don’t worry! Here are some of the must-see moments from his chilled out broadcast below.

1. One of the most special moments was when V showed off a brand new unreleased track, “Maybe.”

Hopefully, we will hear an official release of it in the future!

2. V is showing off his cuddly “boyfriend material” side.

He’s so cute!

3. He gave ARMY a music recommendation from Jungkook.

These two besties have different taste, but always give the best song recs!

4. V pushed his hair back like this.

He knows how he makes ARMY feel.

5. When he said “ARMY forever, Bangtan forever” in the cutest way.


6. His lyrics are enough to make us fall more in love with him.

BRB, melting.

7. The thumbnail photo of his live is just too cute.

This is very Taehyung of him!

8. The way he suddenly ended the live with barely any warning.

He’s so spontaneous!

9. He’s not a fan of selfies, so he’d rather go live to greet ARMY when they miss him.

As long as we can see V, we’re happy!


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