10 Times BTS’s V Looked Unfairly Handsome In A Basic T-Shirt

He can make anything look good.

BTS‘s V is one of the top visuals around! He can transform even the most basic clothing items into something that can be called fashionable. With his visuals, even a plain top is no longer plain.

Check out proof of this below.


First up, V looked breathtaking in his latest Instagram post for CELINE HOMME.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram
| @thv/Instagram

2. Orange

He can wear anything to a photoshoot and still appear professional.

| @thv/Instagram
| @thv/Instagram

3. Musician V

A comfortably dressed V playing the trumpet is strangely enchanting.

4. Band Shirt

He managed to appear elegant even in an ultra-casual shirt.

| @thv/Instagram

5. GQ

Speaking of elegance, his black and white pictorial with GQ is the epitome of it.

| @thv/Instagram

6. With lounge pants

His muscular arms fill up this simple shirt well.

| @thv/Instagram

7. Outdoors

Simply rolling up his sleeves is enough to upgrade his clothing.

| @thv/Instagram

8. On-stage

His beret, bracelets, and attractive face made this simple outfit stylish.

9. Livestream

He appeared in many livestreams wearing his homey white top…and made ARMYs from around the world swoon.



Finally, he always looks ruggedly handsome in his favorite CELINE white shirt.

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Source: Instagram