Here Are 8 Of BTS V’s Most Unique Talents That You Might Not Know About

Even V stans don’t know about #3.

BTS‘s V is full of surprises, including many hidden talents and abilities. Check out 8 random facts about him you might not know about!

1. He has the ability to move his ears at will.

Few people have the unique and adorable ability to move their ears and V is one of them!

The cutest thing of all is that sometimes he does it without even realizing it.

Once you notice it, you can’t unsee it!

2. He’s ambidextrous.

While most people identify as a righty or a lefty…

…both of V’s hands are his strong hand!

Even when playing tennis, he learned that he can play with both hands.

3. He’s good at diving.

V is fearless when it comes to diving.

He was able to dive for 1 minute and 27 seconds!

It seems V is one with the water.

4. He takes huge bites while eating!

You might have noticed how V can fit a huge bite of food into his mouth while he’s eating.

He makes everything look delicious!

5. He has a great memory and can remember small details from the past.

V was able to recall details from old Run BTS! episode such as the children’s nursery song they sang, called Stylish Tomato…

| Naver

…as well as team names like Team Kim Seokjin and Team Glasses!

| Naver

His memory also comes in handy when he’s remembering old choreography.

The members often have to watch him to jog their memory for their older dances.

6. He can solve a Rubix cube.

V once solved a Rubix cube during a fansign event.

There’s no limits to what he can do!

7. He can do things with one hand.

Since V has long fingers, he can often catch things with one hand…

…and do many complex things singlehandedly.

8. He has unique ideas that are a big hit.

From the instant creation of his BT21 character, Tata

…to his unique MapleStory character design…

…V’s ideas are always some of the most popular!

| MapleStory
Source: TheQoo