BTS’s V Is So Handsome, He Will Capture You With His Visuals Just Walking By

Oh nothing, just 13 gifs of him being handsome.

BTS‘s V is known for his ethereal visuals that are just out of this world. His beauty has been so highly raved about that fans are probably getting tired of mentioning the words “visual” and “Taehyung” in the same sentence. In fact, he’s so handsome that he captures the attention and hearts of people, just by walking past them! Here are 7 moments where he made hearts swoon in a split second.

1. On the red carpet

Have you seen a more handsome man?

If we were on site, we’d have passed out by now.

2. Backstage

Imagine casually working and THE Kim Taehyung just walks by looking like that.

A little bonus shot with worldwide handsome member, Jin.

3. In the winter season

All bundled up and fluffy, V looks like the softest boy ever.

4. At a concert

We’d pay up to get places this close to the stage.

He shines just as much on stage as off! This red shirt set off his fair skin and dark hair so well.

Dark Taehyung might be out favorite.

5. At the airport

Is this why fans go to send their idols off at the airport? To catch a glimpse of his beauty?

6. In front of the press wall

If there are any openings in Korea media outlets, sign us up.

He rocked a double-breasted white suit at an event in America.

7. In the streets

Imagine just going out to grab coffee, noticing a crowd, and realizing it is THE boys of BTS walking by casually.

Oh nothing, just running some shopping errands… and bumping into idols.

Fans were amazed as usual at his famously sharp and high nose. His facial features are often praised for being extremely dimensional and having lots of depth, unlike the typically smaller facial structure of South Asians.

We’d love to be able to have V walk past us too, someday! In the meantime, we’d just have to settle for admiring him through the screen. In other news, BTS is dropping a new single in August, so stay tuned!

Source: theqoo