10 Of BTS V’s Best Winter Fashion Looks

Even when it’s cold, he looks 🔥

BTS‘s V serves looks in every season, but he serves MAJOR looks in the winter!

BTS’s V | GQ Korea

V himself recently said that he dresses his best in the winter, so here are 10 of his best winter fashion moments!

1. This gorgeous brown coat

The rules of fashion say that brown and black don’t go together, but V proved the rules wrong with this look!

2. When he served looks in this gray turtleneck

3. This iconic airport fashion look

The coat! The scarf! The shoes! We love everything about this look!

4. His beautiful black coat

He looks *expensive* in this outfit!

5. 2020 Winter Package

V looked amazing in the 2020 Winter Package!

6. All bundled up

V looks so handsome even though his scarf is covering up some of his face!

7. Updated brown coat look

V in brown coats will always be iconic!

8. He looks great in white coats, too

Now, THIS is a very wintry look!

9. He’s so adorable

V was so cute and fashionable when he visited his birthday events!

10. Beautiful blue

He’s the master of adding a pop of color to his winter wardrobe!