10 Times BTS Accidentally Went Viral…For All The Right Reasons

They can never escape #5. 🤣

When BTS isn’t busy going viral for their music, performances, and career milestones, you might catch them trending for the most hilarious reasons! Check out 10 times when they accidentally went viral doing the silliest things.

1. When Jimin started a viral TikTok dance trend

A clip of Jimin from BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE in Seoul Concert made it’s way around the internet.

Soon, it sparked a TikTok dance trend when a fan added some music in the background!


repost bc tiktok deleted the sound 😑 #jimin #fyp #hobi

♬ original sound – mimiyoon :]

2. When Jungkook became the most viral tweet during the Met Gala

He wasn’t really there, but this edited photo was legendary!

3. When a Jin standee was scaring people

A looming silhouette didn’t leave this window for days and made the news.

However, it was just an ARMY’s Jin standee!

4. When V went viral for the way he wears his shoes

Turning all his expensive shoes into slides, he wears them with the backs folded down and no socks.

| TV Daily

5. When RM’s old rap went viral on TikTok

Even locals used his hilarious freestyle from 2014.

6. When J-Hope accidentally trended the word “Curtain”

He mistakenly called Conan O’Brien “Curtain” during an episode of Run BTS!

It didn’t take long for the news to make it to Conan himself!

7. When this video of Suga pouting instantly got over 1 million views on Twitter

Wait for his cute smile at the end!

8. When Jin went viral for the cute way he holds his bags

Shyly clutching it with both hands, he couldn’t get any more adorable!

| iMBC

9. When V became known as “Grandma’s First Love”

This photo makes it look as if V was young a long time ago.

However, it’s just an edited version of his Map Of The Soul: 7 concept photo.

| BIGHIT Music

10. When Jin accidentally posted the perfect green screen photo

Because of the background, fans could easily cut him out and insert him into any picture.

| Weverse

For example, he could be in front of BTS’s extensive trophy collection at HYBE Insight!