10+ Questions We Wish Reporters Had Asked BTS At The White House

Please answer honestly, Mr. Min.

On May 31, BTS visited The White House to discuss anti-Asian hate crimes with President Joe Biden. Before the meeting, the members shared their thoughts at a press briefing where reporters were not allowed to ask follow-up questions. (Of course, that didn’t stop them from trying!)

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (center) with BTS. | The White House/YouTube

Reporter: What does it mean to you to come to The White House?

Press Secretary Jean-Pierre: They’re not going to take any questions, but thanks so much guys.

BTS: [laughs]

On Twitter, Defector Media co-owner Diana Moskovitz posted a meme from the press briefing that quickly went viral. In the replies, ARMY wrote questions that they would have asked BTS as reporters. Here are 10+ of them!

1. User Alphabet, please explain yourself.

2. Jimin’s social media update

3. Answer us, Suga!

4. The people need to know.

5. The mystery that might never be solved

6. Social media, spirit animals, and sexy photos

7. The Pacific Ocean could never.

8. Please stop deleting everything…

9. This welcome addition to Jungkook’s schedule