BTS Are Snow Angels In 60+ New “2021 Winter Package” Photos 

These wintry new photos will warm your heart.

BTS‘s 2021 Winter Package is the gift that keeps giving! Naver and Big Hit Entertainment have released 60+ new photos from the shoot. Check them out!

1. RM

RM’s all-black styling isn’t just a look. It’s the look!

He transforms from ice king to snow prince in these two casual winter outfits.

2. Jin

Wow, what a view! The water’s nice too, I guess.

Is that a gnome of the north? Nope, it’s Worldwide Handsome…

…playing in the snow!

3. Suga

Please give a raise to the stylist who decided to accessorize Suga’s dashing smile…

…with this cloak.

He chases ARMY’s winter blues away!

4. J-Hope

Leading Man J-Hope is here to destroy your K-Drama bias list!

From cool to cute, there’s no look he can’t pull off!

5. Jimin

Jimin looks like he stepped out of Goblin with this winter fit! The turtle neck? The wool coat? We love it all!

He also wore cozy, knitted mittens, earmuffs, and his iconic fluffy, white hat to show his cute side.

6. V

“Where’s my angel?” Oh, there he is, ending all models…

…and putting the “win” in “winter”!

7. Jungkook

Fans love the Golden Maknae’s new blonde hair, but there will always be a special place in their hearts for this dark ‘do.

We love the colorful highlights too!

8. Group photos

It wouldn’t be a BTS photoshoot without fun! Throughout the shoot, the members bounced back and forth between posing and playing in the snow. Best. Snow Day. Ever!

Source: Naver


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