Here Are 10+ References To Old BTS Music Videos In “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” That You Might’ve Missed

Did you spot them all?

After what seemed like forever, BTS finally returned with their latest album, PROOF along with a music video for the emotional track “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment).” Unsurprisingly, it sent ARMYs into floods of emotions with their beautiful message.

Aside from the emotions, ARMYs also noticed that the music video was full of references to previous music videos and tracks. Here’s a look at all the references you might have missed.

1. The title of the track is “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment),” and the translation of “HYYH” is “Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa,” which is commonly known as the “Most Beautiful Moment in Life” trilogy.

2. Nope, I am not crying because of the link to V in “Spring Day”… it’s just hayfever

3. “Spring Day” was referenced many times in the video, including V replicating an iconic scene by him and Jin.

“Spring Day” music video | HYBE LABELS
“Spring Day” music video | HYBE LABELS
BTS’s V in “Yet To Come” video | HYBE LABELS 

4. It seems like Jimin has finally found his shoes from “Spring Day.”

5. Jungkook will definitely not walk alone, but his scene in “Spring Day” has been reimagined but is still as emotional.

6. Even at the end of the track, ARMY can’t get away from the “Spring Day” references, and it seems the members have finally found their safe place together.

7. BTS had the bus from “No More Dream” that started their career, and after the members walked back on the bus, it perfectly ended a chapter of their story.

8. The darkness from “Blood, Sweat & Tears” has returned, but it seems lighter and freer than before.

9. From “I NEED U” to “Euphoria,” and now “Yet To Come,” Jungkook walking without a care in the world hits differently.

10. Suga is genuinely the “Piano Man,” and it’s incredible to see the instrument appear, even in the desert.

11. The darkness of HYYH has seemingly gone away as the truck makes a reappearance but connects the members.

12. Years later, V might be wearing the same school uniform and holding a rose, like in “Boy In Luv,” but everything seems different in the best way possible.

13. Jungkook’s throwing it back to the HYYH On Stage: Prologue.

14.  The chairs in the video seemed familiar, and it’s because it’s the same formation from the “Just One Day” music video.