BTS’s Favorite Movies Of All Time You Can Watch On Your Next Movie Marathon

For your next movie marathon!

Watching movies is a good way to spend your time. They not only keep us entertained, but we also learn a lot from them, and can inspire us in our everyday lives!

An ARMY collected all of BTS‘s favorite movies from several interviews the group has had!

Here’s a list of BTS’s favorite movies of all time which you can watch on your next movie marathon!

1. RM – “Eternal Sunshine”

The movie revolves around a couple who goes through a difficult time and decided to erase each other from their memories.

2. Jin – “The Matrix”

The Matrix is a story of how a hacker discovers the truth of his reality and his role to fight against it.

3. Suga – “Inception”

Inception is a film about a thief who makes use of a dream-sharing technology.

4. J-Hope – “Taegukgi”

This movie shows the story of two brothers who love each other dearly that were forced to fight in the Korean War.

5. Jimin – “The Notebook”

The Notebook is a story of love between two people who come from two different social classes and experience challenges that go against their desire to be with each other.

6. V – “Born to be Blue”

Born to be Blue  is the story of jazz legend  Chet Baker.

7. Jungkook – “Iron Man”

Iron Man revolves around the story of a man who gets imprisoned who creates a suit to fight for the good.

Source: Twitter