BTS’s Jimin Is The Perfect Example Of How An Ideal Interaction Between Idol And Fan Should Be

Jimin is truly a genuine and heartfelt person.

BTS’s Jimin is the perfect example of an idol that interacts with his fans in a positive light, thus bringing happiness to both Jimin and the fans. It is this type of idol-fan synergy that makes K-Pop special and more of a strong bond more than anything else. Let’s take a look at what type of interactions Jimin has with fans!

1. He is able to grow and accept himself through the support and words of his fans

“I like what ARMYs like.”

In the beginning of his career, he admitted to what he didn’t like about himself.

“Ok let’s start. Eyes!! It is the most important. They are uneven. They are also always puffy. I don’t have double eyelids either. My lips are a bit thick too. My head shape is like an egg! My forehead is wide but I can cover it with my hair. I also have a lot of cheek fat (why do I have a lot of fat on my face).”

But as fans continued to find his eyes and lips beautiful, he started to like his features too!

He later stated that he looks sexy with puffy eyes and since his eyes are always puffy, that means he is always sexy!

“What is onw feature that can blow away all others? Puffy eyes.”

Even during a fill in the blank question, he chose his eyes as his best feature.

“My best feature is______. My Eyes!”

“My fans like that I look a bit puffy and having a bit of fat on my cheeks. They get worried when I try to lose weight too. But they are also happy for me when I do lose weight.”

He also chooses his lips as another one of his best features.

“My fans tell me all the time that my lips are one of my greatest features.”

2. The standard of his thoughts and judgement are his fans

“I want to show you only my best and pretty moments.”

He shares with fans that he has dyed his hair for them. Everything he does he feels like is a present or surprise for the fans rather than for himself.

After reading a comment that he would look better with long hair, he responds, “I want to show you a variety of different images. So I will continue to try different things. I will try and grow my hair and show you both short and long hairstyles.”

At the 2018 Seoul Gayo Daejeon, Jimin shocked everyone with his purple hair.

In a live stream, he revealed the story behind his purple hair.

“I was thinking about what to do for my hair this time.”

“I did it the first time for the Seoul Gayo Daejeon.”

“I wanted to dye my hair purple for that event.”

“So I gave it a try.”

“And I felt like I made the right choice!”

He even goes shopping only to show his fans the new clothes that he bought.

“I usually don’t do a lot of shopping.”

“Honestly if I buy clothes, it’s so that I can show it to you guys.”

“The rest of the time I usually just wear bummy clothes.”

“So today I wore this sweatshirt for the first time since I bought it.”

“I really bought this sweatshirt so that I can show you guys because it has a smiley face on it.”

“It’s been awhile since I’ve done a live stream so I wanted to dress up nice in new clothes for you guys.”

3. He wants to give back more compared to how much he has received from fans

He feels that love is equal and that we should give just as much as we receive.

“Just as you guys look at us, we see all of you too.”

A fan posted a snippet of her attending a fan meeting from 2019 and was touched at how sweet Jimin was with his words.

Fan: Jimin my goal is to be a fan that you will remember in just a year. I’ve been a fan of yours since “Fake Love” so I became an ARMY when you were very popular and harder to remember all your fans. I’ve been trying to see you since then and since I’m here at the fan meeting I guess I have succeeded?

Jimin: Just half though!

Fan: Half?

Jimin: Yup. I will help fill up the other half. You are doing a great job of being my fan and I need to work harder from my position.

A fan who asked to tell a story of something memorable from a BTS fan meeting revealed an encounter they had with Jimin.

I remember one story! It’s not about RM but about Jimin. I was moving over to Jimin next at the fan meeting but the manager told me to move on to the next member right away and so I sighed. Jimin heard and said that he will autograph slowly so that I could say everything that I wanted to say to him. I literally cried tears because I was so touched.

What is the best thing about this promotion? Seeing all of you.

What is the saddest thing about this promotion? Not being able to see all of you.

What is the hardest thing at a fan meeting? Not being able to prepare better for it.

I’ve been a fan for 3 years now. What kind of mindset should I have? We just have to love all of you.

What should I do to make you happy? Just be by our side.

Do you believe in heroes?

I do believe in heroes. Regardless of having superpowers or not, we all need something or someone to lean on when we are tired. We need to help and influence each other in this world.

Jimin constantly shows us how much he loves and cares for his fans knowing that his fans only wishes the best for him too!