BTS’s RM’s Devastating Dimples Make ARMYs Feel All Kinds Of Feels — Here Are 15 Receipts, Your Honor

#12 will make you laugh…and then ugly cry at the same time.

As an ARMY, you can’t say the word “dimples” without thinking of BTS‘s RM‘s mesmerizing facial features, right?

After all, beneath RM’s sexy image oozing with swag whenever he’s performing onstage is an adorable man who loves reading books and visiting forests all by himself, right?

RM may look intimidating, but he’s actually a nice man with a boy-next-door image because of his adorable dimples that make ARMYs feel soft, thirsty, and devastated all at the same time– here are fifteen receipts that you can check for yourself, your honor:

1. He’s wrapped you around his finger, and you’re okay with it

2. This man has everything, doesn’t he?

3. RM feat. J-Hope, dimples edition

4. The youngest members couldn’t resist their hyung‘s effortless aegyo 

5. And what a good-looking civilization it would be

6. Be right back, searching “how to be a pen” on Google

7. Who needs to fix your hair when you have ethereal dimples that look so good?

8. The audacity of this man

9. Take it from the man who advised you to love yourself

10. Jin is every RM stan’s spirit animal

11. Is he pretty? Or cute? Or handsome? Why not all

12. Hello, 911, calling to report an attack here

13. Of course it’s important, everyone can’t resist its charms

14. This is proof that he knows exactly what he’s doing to ARMYs

15. Maybe this is why ARMYs have so much energy all the time: they’re immortals

The greatest thing you should do to protect RM’s dimples is to make sure he always gets these ten important things in his life — full details on RM’s “happiness list” can be found on the next article below:

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