These Are BTS’s Top 10 Most-Watched MAMA Performances (& Here’s What Made Them So Great)

#6 is a collab!

More commonly referred to as MAMA, the Mnet Asian Music Awards ceremony isn’t just a time for artists to receive their much-deserved trophies. It’s also a time for them to show off some of their greatest performances—and BTS has a lot of those. These are the group’s top 10 most-viewed MAMA performances, along with what made them so rewatchable.

#10. Boy With Luv & Mikrokosmos – 10 million views

This performance from MAMA 2019 was certainly a great way to end the year. Some of ARMYs’ favorite highlights included the casual outfits and Jimin presenting with a red rose. Mnet also included a sweet introductory clip following BTS’s journey over the years, from debut until 2019.

#9. Airplane Pt. 2 – 13 million views

“Airplane Pt. 2” is always a fan-favorite, but what really caught everyone’s attention at this MAMA 2018 in Hong Kong performance was the introduction. From Jimin’s solo dance to Suga J-Hope‘s duo dance, the members really upped the sultry Latin theme this time around. Plus, Jungkook‘s iconic walk down the long stage pretty much went viral everywhere.

#8. N.O & We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2 – 14 million views

BTS’s MAMA intros are always something to marvel at. At this MAMA 2019 performance, they went with a futuristic theme complete with real flames. The anarchy of the stage design was awesome, bringing the “N.O” and “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2” performances together perfectly.

#7. Boy Meets Evil & Blood, Sweat & Tears – 16 million views

J-Hope stans truly won at MAMA 2016. His solo performance blew everyone away so much, it’s no wonder this clip has racked up millions of views. Next came Jimin’s awe-inspiring blindfolded performance, proving he really is one of the most skilled dancers of his generation. Of course, the truly unforgettable moment was when they danced beside each other, illuminated in red and blue.

#6. Boys in Battle – 17 million views

Not long after their debut, BTS already found themselves embroiled in the “fight of the century”: a stage battle between them and Block B. Both groups gave their all in rap, vocals, and dance, making this clip incredibly fun to watch for both fandoms.

#5. Fake Love – 19 million views

At the MAMA 2018 Fans’ Choice in Japan ceremony, BTS wowed fans with another great performance of “Fake Love”. They started off with one of their most intriguing intros to date—a top-down ritualistic performance. But that wasn’t all. The members also added a cool dance break to “Fake Love”. Unfortunately, the camerapeople didn’t quite capture it at its best angles, but their talent shines through all the same.

#4. Anpanman – 31 million views

What’s better than “Anpanman”? According to MAMA 2018 Fans’ Choice in Japan, “Anpanman” with RM in an astronaut suit, of course. This stage started out with a super cool, futuristic VCR, but the crowd really went crazy with RM popped up in costume. Fans joked he must’ve lost the last game of rock, paper, scissors!

#3. Idol – 32 million views

This “Idol” performance at MAMA 2018 in Hong Kong started off with a bang when the whole crowd began singing along to the song’s intro. The stage design was as colorful as the song, and the crowd’s chants were so loud, you’d be forgiven for mistaking this for a BTS concert.

#2. Cypher Pt. 4 & MIC Drop – 35 million views

Any performance that starts off with past clips of BTS is guaranteed to capture ARMYs’ attention. But one of the biggest highlights of this MAMA 2017 in Hong Kong stage was seeing rap line kill it with their “Cypher Pt. 4” performance. It was the perfect preface to an unforgettable performance of “MIC Drop” in suits.

#1. Fire – 81 million views

And the #1 spot goes to this performance of “Fire” at MAMA 2016. With a staggering 81 million views, it was watched more than twice as much as BTS’s #2 most-viewed MAMA stage. The intro for this stage has to be one of BTS’s best yet. They went all out with the scene between Jin and V, from the sultry movements to the angel wing scars on V’s back. The cult-like dance that followed upped the ante even more, getting fans on the edge of their seats before “Fire” even started playing.

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