BTS’s TOP 50 Songs Ranked From Best To Worst, According To Music Critics

Industry insiders chose their top 50 favorites!

BTS are absolute powerhouses and have put out a grand total of 97 songs! Each song has a unique style that fans just can’t get enough of. In celebration of the group’s 5th anniversary, music critics have cast their votes as to BTS’s top 50 songs. Do you agree with their choices or do you favor ARMYs ranking more?


50. “A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone”

Although this song didn’t make it on ARMY’s top 50 list, the songs sweet lyrics and earnest hope that everyone will follow their own dreams have garnered this song a spot on the critics pick list.


49. “Don’t Leave Me”

BTS’s talents go beyond singing in their native language. This Japanese song perfectly showcases their sweet vocals and proves they have talent regardless of what language their performing in which is why the critics picked this song!


48. “Outro: Love Is Not Over”

This song was picked by critics not only because they thought the vocal line expressed the longing and sincerity of the lyrics perfectly, but also because the harmonies and choruses made the track one of the most memorable ending tracks.


47. “Attack On Bangtan”

“Attack On Bangtan” is a funky hip-hop track that allowed BTS to hype themselves up when they first debut. The song’s lyrics reflect their dreams and predicted that they would climb to the top.


46. “Just One Day”

“Just One Day” was released in BTS’s heavy hip-hop era and introduced a softer side to the group with its mellow melody. Critics love this song because it was the first time that they really slowed down and really showcased the talents of their vocal line.


45. “MIC Drop”

It’s no surprise that “MIC Drop” made it onto this list since it earned them a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and gave them even more fame internationally. The song was also a fan favorite, coming in at #11 on the fan ranking list.


44. “Intro: Never Mind”

“Intro: Never Mind” is another fan favorite and snagged the #50 spot on the list, but it isn’t just fans that like this song. The song’s lyrics talking about the group overcoming their struggles and hardships really struck a chord with critics.


43. “Singularity”

Fans and those in the music industry both seemed to fall in love with this track because of its soulful and melancholy vibe.


42. “Coffee”

The song may be a remake but BTS added their own distinctive style to it and that’s what has drawn people to it since it was released.


41. “I Like It”

Not to be confused with the group’s second part, this song caught critics attention with its twinkling keys and bleeped out swearing.


40. “The Last”

Critics weren’t just looking at songs that were released under BTS’s name but at the individual member’s work too. They chose this song for its message about mental health, as well as, Suga’s impressive skills as August D.


39. “Hold Me Tight”

This critic pick was plucked from the group’s impressive collection of songs based on the unique take on a break-up song.


38. “Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment In Life”

Oddly this song was picked by critics for incorporating basketball squeaks and motifs into their video, never mind that this song was all around great!


37. “Fire”

“Fire” is probably one of the best-named songs by the group! The funky and energetic feel made it a critic pick but fans also placed it high on their list!


36. “Boyz With Fun”

Probably one of the group’s most fun and carefree songs, “Boyz With Fun” was a hit with fans and music insiders alike.


35. “Danger”

This song was picked because it had it all! Insiders were also loved that the songs rock vibe paired perfectly with its music video.


34. “Lost”

Critics love the soaring pop vibes and the stunning vocal talent of this song. They also like that the song expresses an optimistic outlook on making one’s own way in the world.


33. “Boy In Luv”

“Boy In Luv” is loved by both critics and fans for its mix of rock and hip-hop, while still steering away from the group’s more aggressive sound from their debut.


32. “Road”

This song is loved because it showed the group was able to self-examine themselves even as rookies. The track has the members reflecting on their struggles while chasing their dreams and it’s a message we all needed to hear.


31. “Stigma”

This song was picked because of how awesomely it showcased V’s voice. The jazzy R&B ballad highlights his voice while also balancing complexity and restraint.


30. “21st Century Girl”

The female-empowerment ballad that we all needed but didn’t know we did and “21st Century Girl” was the perfect answer!


29. “Rain”

“Rain” was chosen because it shows that the boys can also perform more moody pieces.


28. “Serendipity”

The electronic R&B song was chosen for its lullaby-esqe feeling and its story of fated love. Critics loved the story and thought Jimin’s voice suited the song perfectly.


27. “BTS Cypher pt. 3: Killer”

BTS’s cyphers are always a fan favorite and showcase powerful raps while proving that they are exactly where they are supposed to be: on top!


26. “I Like It, pt. 2”

The sequel to their “I Like It”, this track combines a western style hip-hop style with wave synth and the combination was a hit with those in the music industry.


25. “DNA”

The electro-pop sound and stunning music video gained major attention around the world upon this song’s release. Critics and fans alike agree that this is one of the group’s best songs!


24. “Sea”

Heartbreaking lyrics and soothing guitar made “Sea” land at #24 on this list.


23. “BTS Cypher 4”

A cypher strikes again! This cypher made this list for very similar reasons to the other. And who could blame them for loving this track?


22. “Euphoria”

Despite being featured in a trailer, critics couldn’t help but think that this song perfectly highlights their boys’ vocals.


21. “Paradise”

The lyrics about overworked students and workers as well as the joy-filled and fun choruses placed this one on the list.


20. “Outro: House Of Cards”

Both critics and fans love this song for its heartbreaking story and its use of layered harmonies.


19. “Begin”

Critics picked this one because they felt it really showed the transformation of Jungkook from a young trainee to a full-fledged idol.


18. “Airplane, pt. 2”

Remembering where you come from and yet exploring the world is the message in this song. And it is this message that struck a chord with music critics.


17. “Agust D”

One of the most standout songs from the solo mixtapes released by BTS’s rap line. According to critics, “August D” was a heavy hip-hop hitter that hit all the right notes.


16. “Baepsae (Silver Spoon)”

Even if you don’t know the story of the crow tit, you will probably get the “silver spoon” reference since it’s so close to one of our own. The try-hard lyrics and swag filled tune earned made it a favorite of those in the industry and fans alike!


15. “134340 (Pluto)”

Critics loved this song because it showed BTS isn’t afraid to experiment with their sound. Even if it was something completely different, the song was still a hit!


14. “Dope”

The stunning choreography of this video as well as the fun and powerful beat recruited a lot of ARMY and proved that this song really does deserve to be high on the critic’s list.


13. “Best Of Me”

The bouncy song and harmonious raps proved that western artists can team up with K-Pop artists to create a really good song.


12. “Interlude: Wings”

Critics loved this one because it expressed an optimistic look on life and had a graceful melody that perfectly suited the lyrics of the song.


11. “Whalien 52”

Another song detailing the members’ struggles and it’s their complete openness and honesty that has drawn critics and fans alike to the group.



Of course, the record-breaking hit would have to make it onto this list! But critics didn’t just pick it because of that, they also loved how it combined a slightly angsty feel with a rocker vibe.


9. “Spring Day”

The sweet melody of “Spring Day” paired with its emotional lyrics made it a hit with those in the music industry while ARMYs positioned this song at the top of their list.


8. “Dimple (Illegal)”

The reason this song was picked was because the song features a healthy dose of wordplay and showed the vocal line building off of each other until the climax of the song. Accordingly, the result is somewhat hypnotic!


7. “Not Today”

Following in the footsteps of “Fire” and “Dope”, “Not Today” features a song that is just to lit for words. The unstoppable force of this song has put it high on the critics’ list.


6. “Pied Piper”

Despite its dark references, critics love this song because it’s got the perfect balance of bass, drum, and their voices.


5. “Butterfly”

“Butterfly” has long been a fan favorite and with good reason. The gorgeous vocals and heartfelt lyrics always strike a person’s heart.


4. “Save ME”

At once melancholy and yet upbeat, “Save ME” earned its place at #5 on ARMYs’ rankings and #4 on the critics’ picks list.


3. “Run”

The intricately woven story between “Run” and “I NEED U” captured critic’s attention. It’s hard to go wrong with either of these two songs that have really become one of BTS’s classics!


2. “I NEED U”

As mentioned before this song pairs perfectly with “Run” but critics also loved how this song showed that the boys didn’t need to trade their artistic integrity for something else to make it big in the business.


1. “Blood Sweat & Tears”

The artistic imagery, snappy tune, and undeniably catchy chorus put this one on the top of the critics’ list. Although ARMYs picked “Spring Day” as their top song, “Blood Sweat & Tears” wasn’t far behind at #4!

Source: Billboard