BTS’s V Is Too Innocent To Be True In These 15 Adorable GIFs

Can you handle all his cuteness?

BTS’s V is known for his boyish charms that people all over the world just can’t seem to get over. With his lovable personality and contagious gummy smile, the word “innocent” is often used to describe him. Here are 15 GIFs that best show V’s innocent charms!

1. When having his hair tousled

2. With a baby chick coming out of his nose

3. With skincare being put on his cheeks

4. When Jin stole his water bottle

5. When sitting on someone’s lap

6. With his shy wink

7. With his wink and finger heart

8. When on an exciting water ride

9. With his pouty aegyo

10. When his shirt got stuck and he couldn’t say anything

11. When he acted cute in front of the camera

12. When Jungkook got water in his eyes

13. When he was the epitome of a bear

14. With his cute little turn

15. When he emphasized his dimples


Source: Nate