10+ Moments From “Run BTS TV On-Air” Special Episode Part 2 That Everyone Needs To See

Part 2 is even more chaotic!

BTS returned for Part 2 of the latest Special Episode of Run BTS! titled “Run BTS TV On-Air.” The concept was that the members of BTS were going to be watching “live broadcasts” by the rest of the members. Each member held a live broadcast for the topic of their choice, such as mukbang, toy reviewing, etc. Meanwhile, the rest of the group would interact like ARMYs would on a live broadcast. In Part 2, J-Hope continued his segment, and V, Jimin, and RM did theirs.

BTS’s J-Hope | Weverse

Check out 10+ must-see moments from “Run BTS TV On-Air” Special Episode Part 2…

1. RM is just like us for real.

2. The Tannies are wildin’.

3. Suga and V giving us new meme material

4. Is this a threat, Jin?

5. V and Jin sending selfies in the chat

6. Fitness buff Jimin

7. Jungkook is still their baby!

8. When RM said quokka and Jin look alike but didn’t choose it…

9. Same, Suga.

10. Jungkook is a whole mood.

11. Savage Jimin

12. Jin is so sassy; we love it!

13. Of course, V has to support his bestie!

14. Not @ Jimin having to make a YouTuber apology.

15. V’s acrostic poem for Jin

Check out moments from the previous episode below.

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