Check Out These Impeccable Details In The Title Sequences From All 16 Episodes of “The World of The Married”

Did you recognize any of them when they aired?

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At the beginning of each episode, the hit K-Drama The World of The Married showed a title sequence — with a crucial scene from the episode playing in the background, over the letters. Now that all 16 episodes have aired, here is a list of scenes that have been featured in the title sequences. And these alone perfectly sum up The World of The Married‘s wild 8-week ride. Check out these impeccable details added by the production team which made The World of The Married the record-breaking K-Drama that it is!

1. Episode 1

The first episode’s title sequence shows a clock pointing at 7:30PM.

This clock represents the scene in which Dr. Ji Sun Woo (actress Kim Hee Ae) finds out that her husband Lee Tae Oh (actor Park Hae Joon) leaves his office at 5PM but doesn’t come home until 7:30PM — and ultimately begins to realize something’s up.

2. Episode 2

The second episode’s title sequence shows a paper cup.

This paper cup is a symbol of the mistress Yeo Da Kyung’s (actress Han So Hee) visit to Dr. Ji Sun Woo’s office. In this scene, Yeo Da Kyung irks Dr. Ji Sun Woo by casually revealing that she is “seeing a married man.” Dr. Ji Sun Woo then puts the cup down on the table in an aggressive manner, asking Yeo Da Kyung to bring back a urine sample. It shows the very beginning of the massively complicated emotional war they’re about to enter.

3. Episode 3

The third episode’s title sequence shows a parking ticket machine.

This parking ticket machine is from the facility where Lee Tae Oh holds his mother’s funeral. Yeo Da Kyung showing up to this very private family matter hints that things are about to grow out of hand.

4. Episode 4

The fourth episode’s title sequence shows a vehicle in Dr. Ji Sun Woo’s neighborhood.

This vehicle belongs to the friend-and-neighbor Son Je Hyuk (actor Kim Young Min) who has long been in love with Dr. Ji Sun Woo. In this scene, Dr. Ji Sun Woo decides to use Son Je Hyuk’s adulterous feelings toward her to plot a revenge on Lee Tae Oh.

5. Episode 5

The fifth episode’s title sequence shows an abandoned pool.

This pool is where Dr. Ji Sun Woo’s under-the-table deal gone wrong ends up coming back to haunt her — in the form of the dangerous and fearless Park In Gyu (actor Lee Hak Joo). This scene builds tension between Dr. Ji Sun Woo and Park In Gyu, which later gives Lee Tae Oh the motivation to bring Park In Gyu into the unending cycle of revenge.

6. Episode 6

The sixth episode’s title sequence shows a riverbed.

This river is from the middle-of-nowhere where Dr. Ji Sun Woo has her emotional breakdown after realizing her son Lee Joon Young (actor Jeon Jin Seo) doesn’t want her to split up with Lee Tae Oh — despite the affair. This scene is crucial because it reveals for the first time the son’s stance in the whole mess.

7. Episode 7

The seventh episode’s title sequence shows a night slip.

This night slip is from Dr. Ji Sun Woo’s closet. After sneaking into Yeo Da Kyung and Lee Tae Oh’s bedroom and seeing that Yeo Da Kyung also wears silky night slips, Dr. Ji Sun Woo realizes that she has been fulfilling some sort of a fantasy for Lee Tae Oh. Sickened by the thought, and by the fact that Lee Tae Oh is trying to change Yeo Da Kyung too, Dr. Ji Sun Woo throws all her slips away in a box.

8. Episode 8

The eighth episode’s title sequence shows a clay shooting arena.

This arena is where Dr. Ji Sun Woo decides to confront her enemies head on — and asks to join the Gosan Women’s Association. And to everyone’s surprise, Yeo Da Kyung votes to accept her into the group. This scene plays an important part in building the conflict between the ex-wife, the new wife, and the town looking in on their fight.

9. Episode 9

The ninth episode’s title sequence shows an office space.

This office space belongs to Lee Tae Oh. Yeo Da Kyung sneaks in and finds Lee Tae Oh’s second phone — in which she finds a number of Dr. Ji Sun Woo’s pictures. This scene shows that Dr. Ji Sun Woo’s confrontation has worked on shaking up Yeo Da Kyung. With the suspicion growing, Yeo Da Kyung starts to question Lee Tae Oh’s intentions — and that sparks a whole new battle for the couple.

10. Episode 10

The tenth episode’s title sequence shows a trunk of a car.

This trunk links to the scene in which Min Hyun Seo (actress Shim Eun Woo) gets help from Dr. Ji Sun Woo to escape Gosan where Park In Gyu continues to harass her. The fact that Park In Gyu returns, and that Dr. Ji Sun Woo yet again becomes involved in his relationship with Min Hyun Seo, hints at the utter impact that his eventual death will play in the plot.

11. Episode 11

The eleventh episode’s title sequence shows a white car.

This white car belongs to Yeo Da Kyung. After hearing Lee Tae Oh insist on bringing Lee Joon Young home with him, Yeo Da Kyung blows up and tries to drive away. This agitated scene shows that the two, though they try to pretend they are trusting and still in love, don’t stand a chance at happiness — as their relationship too is built on deceit.

12. Episode 12

The twelfth episode’s title sequence shows an ocean.

This title sequence played at the end of the episode, after Dr. Ji Sun Woo and Lee Tae Oh reunite in a passionate night of love-making. When Lee Tae Oh asks if he should come back to her, Dr. Ji Sun Woo tells him to keep his second marriage together. Then the title sequence shows the waves. This hints at the climactic event that will take place in episode 14, as a result of this very night.

13. Episode 13

The thirteenth episode’s title sequence shows a doorway.

This doorway belongs to Dr. Ji Sun Woo. When she and Lee Tae Oh are having regretful sex, the confused son Lee Joon Young actually shows up at the door. He then witnesses his divorced parents tangled together. Completely traumatized, Lee Joon Young becomes more delinquent than before. This scene plays an important part in explaining why Lee Joon Young starts to spin out of control.

14. Episode 14

The fourteenth episode’s title sequence shows a cellphone charger.

This cellphone charger is Dr. Ji Sun Woo’s — as she tries to turn on her phone to get in touch with her son, after she wakes up in the hospital after trying to take her own life by walking into the ocean. As soon as she reaches the son, Lee Joon Young asks her to come pick him up at Yeo Da Kyung’s house because he gets abused by Lee Tae Oh. This scene shows Dr. Ji Sun Woo and Lee Joon Young trying to come around to find each other again — amidst the tragic things that have drifted them apart.

15. Episode 15

The fifteenth episode’s title sequence shows a driveway.

This driveway is actually the one leading to Lee Tae Oh’s house. He gets stopped there, however, by Yeo Da Kyung’s father. Chairman Yeo (actor Lee Kyung Young) throws Lee Tae Oh out after he finds out that Lee Tae Oh has not been honest with his precious daughter. This scene is the beginning of Lee Tae Oh’s demise — and becomes the pinnacle of “All actions have consequences.”

16. Episode 16

The final episode’s title sequence shows a house with its lights on.

This title sequence, which plays at the end of this final episode as well, shows nothing but the windows lighting up. This symbolizes Dr. Ji Sun Woo’s house — after Lee Joon Young returns from his year-long escape from the hell that is his parents. With the son choosing to return to his mom (and perhaps finding solace in her again), the K-Drama ends with a realistic lesson: The married aren’t the only one in the world of the married. The lighting up hints at the hope for the brokenhearted Dr. Ji Sun Woo and her son to finally recover from their shattered pasts and move on.

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