Here Are 10+ Of Chungha’s Fiercest Looks…And They Will Leave You Quaking

Her fit in #4 is truly iconic.

Chungha‘s stage presence is the definition of charismatic. Part of what helps her achieve this is her glam and sexy outfits that are totally unique to her style. Here are 10+ of her most iconic looks…if you can handle them.

1. This fit + This hair = 💖

2. She shows off her perfect proportions in a cropped blouse.

3. Chungha in leather is a vibe.

4. This suit and tie will forever be iconic.

5. This outfit just looks heavy, but she handles it like a pro.

6. Nobody looks better in all white.

7. The 70’s never looked so good.

8. Red is definitely her color.

9. A sheer bloues and thigh-high boots? Yes, queen!

10. SLAY.

11. She shines bright like a diamond.

12. Even in a casual outfit, she’s still gives goddess vibes.

13. Chungha stans beware.