6 Times CLC’s Seunghee Didn’t Give A F*** About Korean Body Beauty Standards

More diverse body types like this in K-Pop, please. 👏

CLC‘s Seunghee is recognized for her hourglass body that shatters Korean beauty standards. Here are 6 times she really didn’t care about hiding herself and instead showed her curves to the world.

1. Using her belt to emphasize her curves.

Seunghee’s hips are brought to full attention when she cinches in her waist.

She also brings attention to her thighs with her thigh-high boots and short dress. Yes, girl!

2. Slaying her dance moves.

She’s unstoppable on stage and won’t let any beauty standards hold her back.

3. Her honey thighs save lives.

She shows off her curvaceous legs on stage and looks amazing!

4. Her high socks are the cutest accessory.

Seunghee proves any leg shape can rock thigh highs.


5. Curve-hugging outfits showcase her hourglass figure beautifully.


6. Seunghee shows short outfits look incredible on curvier bodies, too.