4 Of The Craziest Things K-Pop Idols Have Done To Hide They Were Dating

A boy group member once hid his girlfriend in a suitcase!

Netizens and “fans” sometimes criticize K-Pop idols for dating, and because of this, idols often try to hide that they’re dating. Here are 4 of the craziest things idols have done to hide they were dating.

1. Dates in a car

In YouTube‘s documentary series K-Pop Evolution, 1st generation idol Kim Taewoo of g.o.d revealed that he didn’t want to get caught dating in the past. He shared that he did date in the past and managed to keep his dates hidden from the public and his agency by having dates in his car!

g.o.d’s Kim Taewoo | YouTube Originals

Kim Taewoo then shared that he started making upgrades to his car to make the dates better, such as adding a sunroof and a DVD player. He even planned on adding a bathroom to his car, but he ultimately didn’t go through with this.

| YouTube Originals

Kim Taewoo eventually stopped doing this, and he got married to his wife, Kim Aeri, in 2014.

2. Hiding girlfriend in a suitcase

In an episode of Channel A‘s Erotic Couple, former A-JAX member Dowoo spoke about how he hid his now-wife (his girlfriend at the time) in a suitcase.

Former A-JAX member Dowoo (Left) and his wife, Hyejin (Right) | @ddow88/Instagram

The two were dating while Dowoo was a member of A-JAX, and they spoke about how they got caught together by a hotel employee.

We got caught because it was a room meant for one person, but there were two people going up.

— Hyejin

Dowoo’s agency at the time, DSP Entertainment, found out about their relationship because of this incident at the hotel.

Later, his label found out. They found out about everything. We wrote apology letters. But all I thought about was, ‘How and where do we keep meeting now?’

— Hyejin

Dowoo then thought of a creative method for them to meet without getting caught!

About a month later, Dowoo comes to me with a massive suitcase. It was huge. He told me, ‘Go inside the bag.’ So I took off my shoes and slid right in.

— Hyejin

Hyejin admitted that she was terrified at the time since she had never done something like this.

This was my first time riding inside a suitcase, so honestly, I was terrified. All I could hear were clunking sounds, but I didn’t know where I was being taken or where we were going.

— Hyejin

Dowoo then hilariously shared that the suitcase looked different due to Hyejin being in it.

The suitcase was no longer a rectangle. It looked completely crushed on the side.

— Dowoo

Not only did the suitcase look strange, but Hyejin’s hair was sticking out.

My wife’s hair was stuck in the suitcase’s zipper and it was sticking out. I realized that if someone were being attentive and saw that, it could have ended terribly.

— Dowoo

Dowoo concluded by sharing how this situation ended.

At the time, my members were on the same floor. Whenever my members would run into me, they’d ask, ‘Oh, where are you going?’ And I’d answer, ‘I’m just going to go eat.’

When we were in the hotel room, we’d turn on the television super loud and keep the hair dryer on.

— Dowoo

3. Buying secret devices

Former idols Tina (former Blady member), Eddy (JJCC member), and Alex (former High4 member) spoke about some of the ways idols secretly date. They shared that a common method is for idols to slip their number inside an album and give it to another artist. Another common method is to exchange numbers through mutual friends.

Tina then shared that some idols buy secret phones and hide them from their managers!

Tina also shared that meeting at night when there aren’t many people is quite common.

4. Carrying a jump rope to have an excuse

Idols leaving their dorms to go on a secret date is quite an obstacle, but former RAINBOW member Jisook once revealed a “trick” to avoid suspicion. She shared that she would carry a jump rope around when she went out. This way, if she were to get caught, she could pretend that she was going to go work out!