6 K-Pop Idols Who Were Criticized By Netizens And “Fans” For Being In A Relationship

Number 3 even got boycotted by his fans.

K-Pop idols dating is always a touchy topic, as some fans don’t want their favorite idols to date. Netizens can also be harsh to idols who date, as they feel that idols shouldn’t date for the sake of their fans. Here a few idols who were criticized by netizens and “fans” for getting in a relationship.

1. Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel and TWICE‘s Jihyo made some headlines when they announced that they were dating in 2019. While the two were met with a lot of praise by international fans, Korean netizens acted extremely negatively, especially towards Kang Daniel.

Korean netizens commented on how he was “abandoning” his fans by dating, and was being “irresponsible” by choosing to date only a few years after his debut.

Source: Koreaboo

2. Chen (EXO)

Chen made shocking news in 2020 when he revealed that he was going to get married. While many fans were happy for him and congratulated him, there were select Korean fans and netizens that chose to criticize him. Some Korean “fans” even started a protest for Chen to leave the group, but it ended up failing.

Netizens also left rude comments on how Chen was abandoning his fans and mocked him as an “unpopular” member.

Source: Koreaboo

3. Sungmin (Super Junior)

Sungmin got married to musical actress Kim Sa Eun in 2014.

Sungmin was criticized by fans for his failure to communicate the news with them. Fans were heartbroken that instead of Sungmin announcing the news himself, they had to find out through news articles. To make it worse for them, Sungmin also didn’t give any statements explaining why he didn’t share the news himself. Sungmin then proceeded to announce the date of his wedding, but it was during an uncomfortable date. The wedding date was planned at the same time Super Junior would be doing promotions and concerts in Japan, which would make it stressful for the members to come to the wedding. Fans tried to convince Sungmin to change the date so the other members wouldn’t be so stressed, but it remained the same. The ignoring of fans is what caused them to boycott Sungmin from Super Junior, which still happens to this day.

4. HyunA & Dawn

HyunA and Dawn didn’t face so much criticism from netizens and fans but did pay a heavy price for their relationship. When it was rumored that the two were dating back in 2018, Cube Entertainment originally denied it. HyunA and Dawn decided to go against the company and revealed that they were in a relationship. This caused outrage from Cube Entertainment as they decided to terminate both their contracts. HyunA and Dawn then proceeded to sign with P-Nation and have been very public about their relationship with each other ever since.

5. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

Taeyeon and EXO‘s Baekhyun made major headlines when they announced their relationship in 2014.

Though there were some positive comments towards the two, Taeyeon was met with a lot of harsh reactions from EXO-Ls. They would constantly harass her with negative comments on social media. Even after the couple broke up in 2015, Taeyeon would still occasionally have to deal with harsh comments.

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