3 Of The Craziest Reasons Idols Were Stopped At The Airport

From chicken to cherry tomatoes, these 3 reasons are totally unexpected.

Traveling is a big part of being a K-Pop idol. With K-Pop festivals, concerts, or other events happening all over the world, idols are seen at airports taking a flight to another country more often than not. While this has created many fun things for fans and idols, such as airport fashion, travel vlogs, and many Instagram updates, traveling will always have its minor annoyances.

Just like most people, K-Pop idols don’t seem to enjoy airports much, which is unsurprising considering how much time they spend there. But airports have also caused some crazy situations in which K-Pop artists have been stopped for reasons you will never expect.

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun at the Incheon Airport.


The INFINITE member was caught trying to sneak…. chicken into Mexico! Yup, you’ve read that right.

Back in April 2016, INFINITE was invited as a K-Pop representative at the Korean-Mexican cultural exchange event. The group attended and gave a fantastic performance. Everyone present left with nothing but great words to say about the group’s vocals and dancing skills.

It was during this trip, that L was caught with raw chicken at a Mexican airport. As expected the customs had to confiscate L’s chicken, and his pout after finding out is the cutest thing ever!

L | MadeinL.com

2. Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun

It seems like K-Pop idols really like sneaking food into airports! This time it was Girls’ Generation’s maknae Seohyun that was found with “contraband”  in her bag.

The South Korean star shared during her guest appearance at MBC‘s Golden Fishery – Radio Star back in 2013 that she was actually blacklisted at the US airport! Seohyun shared that she simply wanted to enjoy some cherry tomatoes during her flight, but she forgot to declare them on the customs form.

The drug sniffer dog alerted the guard about my bag, and I was asked, ‘What is it?’ I told them they were cherry tomatoes. And the guard got extremely angry at me, demanding why I didn’t declare them. He then put my name on the blacklist.

— Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun

Seohyun | @seojuhyun_s/Instagram

Seohyun also revealed that as a result of being put on the blacklist, she now has to go through a special TSA line that confirms she has no food on her, every time she travels to the States.

3. Oh My Girl

All eight members of Oh My Girl were stopped and turned back to South Korea after landing in Los Angeles back in 2015. A statement from the group’s label WM Entertainment shared that the officials had mistaken the members for sex workers.

The statement revealed that the Los Angeles airport authorities held them detained for about 15 hours in customs, as they were going through their costumes and props. The girls were originally there to complete a cover shoot for their next album and were also invited to perform at a gala event that week.

| TV Report

WM Entertainment’s statement also shared that there may have been an issue with the type of visa the Oh My Girl members presented at the airport.

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