14 Of The Craziest Things That Have Happened At Fan Meetings

These moments were intense.

Every K-Pop fan dreams of one day going to a fan meeting event and experiencing the thrill of interacting with your idol. Sometimes, though, things aren’t quite like you would expect them to be. Here’s a list of some of the craziest and most horrifying things that have happened at a fan meeting that will make you wonder just what exactly happens at these events!


1. 2PM’s run-in with a very excited fan

2PM got to meet this fan that was extremely excited to finally meet them all. The fan started off by startling Taecyeon with her love then went down the line telling each member just how much she liked them. Luckily, the boys were amused by her energetic antics and couldn’t stop smiling!


2. When WINNER’s Seungyoon’s pants fell down

Seungyoon once wore a pair of really unique button-off jeans to one fan meeting. The jeans came together in three distinct sections through buttons that could be undone. Unfortunately for the idol, a few buttons too many were left unbuttoned and halfway through the fan meeting his 3/4 of his pants fell down! The sudden sight of his legs had fans going crazy before Seungyoon recovered and put the rest of his jeans back on.


3. When Samuel Kim’s dance moves got a little out of control

Samuel was holding a fan meeting in Hong Kong and decided to dance with one lucky fan. Unfortunately, his dance moves got a little wild and his hand accidentally smacked her in the face! Although she might have been unlucky enough to have that happen, it might have really been a blessing in disguise since she got a huge hug from him afterward!


4. The overcrowded setting at one Wanna One meeting

With 5,000 fans packed into a stadium, things were bound to go wrong. Due to the overcrowded area, many fans fainted and that was just the tip of the iceberg! Many fans were also injured within the first 10 minutes of the group’s performance due to pushing and shoving. Things were so bad that the Wanna One members were sent backstage for almost 2-hours while security and paramedics provided aid. In fact, the police even threatened to call off the event if fans didn’t cooperate!


5. When INFINITE’s Dongwoo was almost dragged off stage

There’s excitement when there’s seeing your idol then there’s the extreme that one fan took at an INFINITE fan meet. When the group was doing a performance for their fans, one person latched onto Dongwoo‘s leg and almost pulled him off stage. Luckily with some help, he was able to get free and wasn’t injured by the debacle.


6. When SEVENTEEN ran into an angry fan

SEVENTEEN were left speechless after one fan lost her temper at a meeting. During the autograph portion of the event, one fan started to accuse Joshua of doing something to upset her. She was so upset that she threw her album! And when she moved onto the next member she continued to throw glares in Joshua’s direction. The fan eventually was escorted from the venue and the whole fan meeting atmosphere was once again lightened.


7. When IU was struck by a water bottle

It was just a typical fan meeting until one person in the crowd decided it would be a good idea to throw their water bottle at the idol. The incident was shocking to say the least and luckily, IU wasn’t hurt.


8. The serious aftermath of a B1A4 meeting

B1A4‘s fan meeting in Malaysia caused a huge scandal that could have had some very serious consequences. During the fan meeting, the members reenacted drama scenes with the audience. These scenes included hand-holding, hugging, and forehead kisses. Unfortunately, this lovey-dovey atmosphere was a violation of the country’s religious codes and after the event, there were rumors that the band would be banned from the country and the participants would be arrested. Luckily, no one was prosecuted and the group wasn’t banned.


9. GOT7’s Youngjae was almost hurt by fireworks

Fireworks are often a key element of performances but during GOT7‘s performance of “A” at one fan meet, one of the displays had an error and exploded right under Youngjae. Right after the incident, Youngjae stumbled to the back of the stage followed by Mark. After a few moments, he got back up and continued with the meeting and later posted a message to Instagram assuring fans that he was alright.


10. When SONAMOO’s Minjae had a quick comeback to some harsh words

Minjae decided to show off her aegyo skills by performing “Oppa-ya” at one meet but one fan wasn’t impressed. After getting through the performance, Minjae said that the performance took a lot out of her. This prompted someone in the crowd to tell her to quit smoking. In response, Minjae came back with, “What are you talking about? I can’t even stand the smell of it! I don’t like those kinds of jokes. I reject it.” The fan quickly apologized and other fans fell in love with how she handled the situation.


11. When BTS’s Jimin fainted on stage

During one fan event, the boys were playing a game when Jimin held his breath for an extended amount of time causing his blood pressure to spike. This, in turn, caused him to lose consciousness and fall off the stage. Jimin was then rushed to the hospital and was luckily unharmed. Later, Big Hit Entertainment released a statement explaining what had happened.


12. When AOA’s Mina was scolded by an anti

Why an anti-fan decided to go to an event is anyone’s guess but one showed up to an AOA fan meeting. At one point during the event, the anti told Mina, “A singer should be good at singing. Practice singing in the time you take care of your appearance, or I’ll post it on Facebook.” The harsh words were so bad that the normally bubbly Mina looked incredibly sad and close to tears afterward.


13. BIGBANG G-Dragon’s surprise kiss

One lucky fan got to meet the members onstage at a fan meeting in Hong Kong. When she was onstage she also had the opportunity to show just how much she loved them and gave a kiss to G-Dragon. Although the idol knew that it was coming, he was still pretty shy about it!


14. When Laysha gave extreme fanservice

Laysha are known for their sexy concept and aren’t afraid to continue with that concept at fan meetings like the time they got really up close and personal with a fan!