Here Are The Trainees Presumed To Be In Cube Entertainment’s New Girl Group, LIGHTSUM

The rumored lineup so far is filled to the brim with incredible talent!

Cube Entertainment recently announced that its newest girl group, LIGHTSUM, will be debuting in the near future—but who will be in the lineup? While nothing has been confirmed yet, there are some very likely candidates already known to the public. According to Top Star News, here are the Cube Tree trainees presumed to be debuting on a stage near you soon.

1. Han Chowon

In 2018, Cube Entertainment trainee Han Chowon was revealed to the public when she became a contestant on Mnet‘s Produce 48 survival show. While she was ranked in 88th place in episode 3, she soon earned the nickname “Reversal Queen” for her rise to the top.

| Mnet

After showing off incredible rapping and singing skills, Chowon ultimately placed 13th in the finale, narrowly missing the lineup for IZ*ONE.  However, it was revealed last year that Chowon (alongside Lee Gaeun) was one of the Produce series contestants who was unfairly eliminated from the competition due to Mnet’s vote manipulation, meaning her real vote score would’ve made her a member of the final group.

Since then, Chowon has been under wraps at Cube Entertainment. Shortly after graduating from Hanlim Multi Art School in 2019, she signed an exclusive artist contract with the company, technically graduating from her trainee status. In 2020, she then made her movie debut in Bully Bad Guys.

| Han Cinema/YouTube

Originally, it was unclear whether Han Chowon would be debuting solo or as part of a girl group, but judging by the announcement of LIGHTSUM, it seems most likely that the now-18-year-old will be joining their ranks.

2. Lee Joohyun

17-year-old Lee Joohyun first rose to attention back when she was just 13. In 2017, she joined KBS2‘s idol reboot survival show The Unit. While the vast majority of participants had already made their debut, Joohyun was one of just two trainees in the cast.

| KBS2

Sadly, Joohyun was eliminated in episode 14, ranking in 25th place after all. However, that didn’t quell her passion for performing.

In 2018, she joined another KSB2 survival show: Dancing High. Unfortunately, the show also wasn’t meant to be for Joohyun, who was eliminated in episode 2. But despite not making it through to the finale of either show, the trainee became known for her impressive dancing skills.

| KBS2

Now, it’s presumed she’ll be making her debut alongside Chowon in LIGHTSUM.

Cube Entertainment recently began uploading new Cube Tree dance practice videos to YouTube. In one video, three trainees can be seen performing an incredible dance cover of “Thinking” by Marian Hill. According to fans in the know, the trainee in the black shirt with white pants is Joohyun, while the trainee in the white shirt is believed to be Chowon.

That leaves one trainee unaccounted for, but the mystery member will almost certainly be part of LIGHTSUM given how recently the video was uploaded. While only three trainees have been part of the videos released so far, it’s possible that singing and rapping clips with more trainees will follow.

While Cube Tree has spawned several other popular trainees, there are several who are very unlikely to make it into the new girl group lineup. 2002-born Lee Younseo appeared on Produce 101 several years ago, but reportedly left Cube Entertainment in 2017 after she failed to make it into the (G)I-DLE lineup.

Likewise, Kim Jiwoo was once known for appearing in a Rising Star Cosmetics advertisement alongside (G)I-DLE’s Minnie, Yuqi, and Shuhua. However, she’s also believed to have left Cube Entertainment in 2017 for the same reason as Lee Younseo.

Source: Top Star News