These Are The Current TOP 10 Contestants Of Produce X 101

The current top 10.

Episode seven of Mnet‘s Produce X 101 recently aired and the viewers saw a change in ranks. Here are the current top 10 contestants of the show.

1. Kim Wooseok (TOP Media)

2. Song Hyungjun (Starship Entertainment)

3. Kim Mingyu (Jellyfish Entertainment)

4. Lee Jinwoo (Maroo Entertainment)

5. Kim Yohan (OUI Entertainment)

6. Lee Eunsang (BRANDNEW Music)

7. Nam Dohyun (MBK Entertainment)

8. Go Jungmo (Starship Entertainment)

9. Song Yuvin (Music Works)

10. Ham Wonjin (Starship Entertainment)

Source: Bada


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