10+ Cutest BTS Moments From The “Permission To Dance” MV That We Can’t Help But Replay

Can’t stop looking at #6 😍

BTS recently released the music video for “Permission To Dance.” While there were many hot moments in the video, there were also a number of cute ones. You might not be able to hold back a squeal when you see them!

Check out the cutest moments in the music video below.

1. When they chilled together as RM sang

Gotta love how supportive BTS is in the back as RM sings his lines!

2. When Jungkook danced in the background

Even though it was Jimin’s time to shine, you can’t help but notice a small, blurry figure in the background.

3. When they turned their heads one by one

It’s adorable how each member turned the moment RM passed by.

4. When they happily played with balloons

BTS may all be of legal age, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a good balloon or two.

5. When they thrust in front of washing machines

If anyone knows how to have fun, it’s BTS! The random washing machines behind them made this scene even more memorable.

6. When Jungkook popped out from behind Suga

At first, it looks as if it’s just Suga in the frame—but nope! Out pops Jungkook with a huge grin on his face.

7. When V moved his head to the beat of Jungkook’s arm

Not only does V move his head in synch with Jungkook’s arm, he also closes his eyes to match.

8. When Suga danced on top of a sofa

While everyone else was dancing normally on the floor, Suga took it up a notch by standing on top of a sofa.

9. When they closed their eyes as they danced

You can practically feel their enjoyment as they close their eyes and dance.

10. When Jimin and V knelt in front of kids

BTS taking good care of kids? Yes, please!

11. When they danced with their staff

Last but not the least, this is arguably the cutest scene in the entire music video. BTS’s staff gathered behind them and followed the choreography, all while the members energetically led them.

In case you missed it, check out the music video for “Permission To Dance” below!

Source: BTS