Here Are 7+ Of The Cutest Moments From GOT7 Mark Tuan’s Twitch Stream You Need To See

He called BamBam on FaceTime! ☺️

This morning, GOT7‘s Mark Tuan held a Twitch stream. He streamed for a couple of hours, playing Valorant and Fortnite, and catching up with fans.

Here are 7+ of the cutest moments from Mark’s Twitch stream that you need to see:

1. When Mark’s mom brought him breakfast. The way he greets her! 🥺

2. When Mark reacted to BamBam dancing to “WAP” then called him on FaceTime! 😂

3. Whenever Mark giggled. ☺️

4. When Mark sang “The Campfire Song” from SpongeBob SquarePants.

5. Mark’s interactions with his dog, Milo.

6. When Mark said he wants to surprise Jinyoung with a coffee truck. 😭

7. When Mark told his brother, Joey, about his accomplishment in the game.

Source: tuanzy and Image (1) and (2)