Here’s 10+ Of The Cutest RM Moments From “BTS Memories Of 2020” That Will Have You Soft

#12 is too sweet!

With hours of never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage from BTS‘s events over the past year, BTS MEMORIES OF 2020 has numerous moments that would make any ARMY awe. There’s just so much wholesome content to be found from wholesome interactions between the members to just BTS being themselves. But, for all of you RM-biased ARMYs out there, we especially got you covered, whether you were able to afford the package or not. We have compiled a list of some of the cutest moments of everyone’s favorite dimpled rapper.

Here are 10+ of the cutest RM moments from BTS MEMORIES OF 2020 that will make you soft…

1. When RM got lost in a huddle of BTS

2. When he took his snack break during filming of the music video

3. RM’s biggest fan? BTS.

4. When Suga saw RM as they were preparing for “Respect”

5. RM talking about the cute alpacas on set of the “ON” MV

6. When his hair low-key made him look as fluffy as an alpaca

7. When RM and Jungkook managed to fit in a quick workout in even the most random locations

8. When he met “ON” choreographer Sienna Lalau

9. When J-Hope and RM laughed at a video together

10. When Jungkook was lusting over RM’s food

11. When Jin shocked him by dropping pizza

12. When BTS informed him that it was his birthday

13. When RM took his acting very seriously

14. When J-Hope taught Namgi the choreography for “Respect”

15. We’d all do it if we could

16. When RM gave the members nicknames

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