Dating Habits That Foreigners Will Have To Learn In Korea, As Explained By An American Living There

These don’t seem very difficult to acclimate to.

Although she’s married now, Megan Bowen once vlogged about dating habits she picked up in Korea. As an American living in Korea, her perspective on life in the country is invaluable for foreigners interested in taking the leap of faith. In fact, she’s shared everything from what it’s like being a foreigner in Korea, the awkward situations she’s encountered there, as well as nifty life-hacks! Without further ado, here are some of the dating habits she picked up while living in Korea…

1. Constant communication

In America, there’s some sort of unspoken rule where you don’t text someone right after you get their number. That rule does not exist in Korea. Once your dating partner has your number, you will be in constant communication with each other.

Source: Megan Bowen/YouTube

2. No hugging

… At least not in the beginning! Megan explains that if a guy is serious about you, he won’t try hugging you at first.

Source: Megan Bowen/YouTube

3. Break-ups are not forever (until they are)

If you and your boyfriend get into a fight so bad that you end up breaking up, the chances of him contacting you to apologize and ask you to reconcile is pretty much 100%.

Source: Megan Bowen/YouTube

We don’t want to spoil it all, so if you want to hear more about dating habits in Korea you’ll have to watch Megan’s video below: