9 Times Dawn Showed Off His 4D Personality And Unique Style On Instagram

Instagram is where his eccentricity comes alive.

Dawn may be widely known for dating HyunA, but his 3.4 million followers on Instagram also know him as a unique individual who manages to upload bizarre images regularly.

Here are nine posts that perfectly capture Dawn’s quirky, trendy nature.

1. The first photo usually depicts a standard pose, but towards the end is where the magic happens.

2. Bright hair, bright clothes and, to top it off, a trash can in a backpack.

3. It’s not the kind of style one might see in the K-Pop scene, but fashion is confidence, after all.

4. Does anybody actually know what’s going on?

5. He truly knows how to beat the cold.

6. Some people like animal ear filters, and others like this.

7. He’s perched on a toilet, but with all that swag, it’s barely noticeable.

8. It may be best to keep some distance when he’s wearing this choker.

9. Everyone is confused, but happily so.

Do you follow Dawn on Instagram?

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