DAWN’s Adorable References To HyunA In His “Stupid Cool” Music Video

“Stupid Cool” is all about his love for HyunA.

DAWN just released his new single, “Stupid Cool,” which is a fun song about his love for his fiancée, HyunA.

HyunA (left) and DAWN (right) | @hyunah_aa/Instagram

DAWN and HyunA recently celebrated their sixth anniversary and have continued to challenge the way K-Pop idol relationships are viewed. They often show their love for one another and became engaged in February this year.

HyunA proudly supported DAWN’s comeback, as she always does, and even participated as a photographer.

Caption: “The photographer for my upcoming single.” | @hyojong_1994/Instagram
“Stupid Cool” music video credits | DAWN/YouTube

In his song and music video, DAWN made many heartwarming nods to HyunA. Here are some of the ways he honored his love for her.

1. The Lyrics

In the song, DAWN declares his love for HyunA and makes it clear that he knows she’s the only one for him.

2. The Set

One of the backgrounds in the music video contains a building with “LIFE0510 0+4=143” displayed. The 0510 is a nod to their anniversary; the couple first began dating on May 10, 2016. The 143 stands for “I love you,” and the 0+4 could be a reference to when they started a new path in their careers four years ago after confirming their relationship status.

3. The Proposal

DAWN helped design his and HyunA’s unique engagement rings with jewelry designer Yueun Esther Shin. When they announced their engagement, DAWN posted a photo of the ring on Instagram with the caption, “MARRY ME 💙.” In the music video, DAWN presents the ring with “MARRY ME” floating behind him.

He also referenced the seven diamonds on their engagement rings in the song’s lyrics.

What more can I say, diamonds in seven colors, Flex


It’s refreshing to see them continue to celebrate their love so openly. To check out the full music video, click below!