8 Little Known Facts About DAY6 That Just May Get You Hooked On Them

#7 cracks us up.

Think you know all there is about DAY6? Or are you a baby My Day? Simply scrolling around and looking for a new group to stan? You’re in luck, as we’ve compiled 8 little known facts about the talented band!

1. DAY6 was almost not DAY6

Although DAY6 eventually debuted as a team, according to fans, BTOB‘s Peniel once claimed that him, TWICE‘s Jihyo, DAY6’s Sungjin and YoungK were once supposed to debut together as a band. However, other fans claim that rather than being fixed as a debut team, the 4 of them were put together for evaluative showcases and performed as a band. Regardless, it is undeniable that they would have been a force to reckon with! BTOB’s Peniel was once a JYP Entertainment trainee before transferring to CUBE Entertainment.

2. Dowoon could have not become a drummer

Dowoon once held different dreams. Although he is a successful drummer now, Dowoon once wanted to become the president!

| @friaday_/Twitter

3. They once ranked on Billboard’s 10 Best K-Pop Albums

This was back in 2016, when DAY6 were the new kids on the block. Their album ranked in the list along with huge names such as BIGBANG and BTS.

| @theysick2/Twitter

4. The gunshot noises in “Shoot Me” were personally recorded by the boys

If you heard their release for “Shoot Me”, you’d notice that there are bullet noises in the background. These noises were specially recorded by Sungjin and Dowoon themselves at a firing range. Their scoreboard was later kept as a souvenir by the range.

| @useryoungk/Twitter

5. My Days once stood in for Jae during a performance

During a touching performance of “Congratulations” on EBS, My Days sang Jae‘s part for him when he was unable to attend the show. The performance became one of the most emotional and memorable ones ever!

6. “Finale” is an absolute gem and you will not regret listening to it

We call it, the wedding song you decide upon even when you’re not yet engaged.

7. @from_youngk was not always @from_youngk

As many Instagram users will know, it’s a struggle picking the right username. It seems YoungK experienced this same struggle, as he changed it three times over the course of a few days. We kind of like @gram_gram_gram_gram_gram though.

| @dochieto/Twitter

8. Dowoon the comedian

During a Q&A session on Tumblr back in 2018, Dowoon answered an extremely long and thoughtful question with “we love you too!” Crumbs, but we’ll take his love.

| @jieunsorbit/Twitter

Of course, there are way more fun facts about the talented band, such as Jae’s yellowpostitman days and Wonpil‘s monkeying around, but we’ll keep it to these 8 for now. In the meantime, check out their music video for “Zombie”.