13 Details You Probably Missed In TWICE’s “Knock Knock” Performances

Nayeon adds something “extra” to each performance.

1. You may not have noticed how much Nayeon likes to switch up her “Knock Knock” introductions.


2. She uses each intro as an opportunity to get goofy.


3. Nayeon bounces on the spot while striking a different pose each time.


4. She shows love for her audiences with this classic heart pose…


5. …and these sweet finger hearts.


6. Sometimes she gets silly…


7. …and gives a little wave.


8. Other times, she doesn’t quite look like she knows what she’s doing.

Should I choke myself? No, that’s not it!


9. Each intro pose is cuter than the last one…


10. …and Nayeon always has fun with them.


11. Other TWICE members have added their own “Knock Knock” ad-libs, albeit unintentionally! This particular move seems to mess up the members’ hair more often than not.


12. When Jeongyeon bumped her head, she played it off like it was part of the performance by matching her reaction with the song’s timing.


13. The members also love to pester each other whenever they get the chance.