Detective ARMYs Get Down To Business Guessing The Meaning Behind BTS’s New Album Title

What could it possibly BE?

As soon as Big Hit Entertainment dropped the release date and pre-order details on BTS‘s upcoming new album BE

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… ARMYs revved up their detective superpowers and began speculating what the album title could mean.

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Well-trained by BTS’s previous track record of connecting everything and keeping all details meaningful, ARMYs have drafted up some of the most convincing explanations.

Check them out:

1. The long “Journey To Self” finally coming to a happy ending

With BTS’s previous works leading up to this album, BE might be that end game. After the long adventure of finding the “Self”, ARMYs are convinced this album will show them how to BE themselves they can love, face, and speak. 💜

2. The hidden numbers pointing at “OT7” no matter what

Or is it that BTS is working with numbers in the album title? ARMYs with keen eyes in the world of design believe the numbers 1, 3, and 6 visible in BE signify OT7 and BTS’s debut date.

3. The letters making this the most BTS-esque album ever indeed

In the album announcement, Big Hit Entertainment praised the album to be “the most BTS-esque” one yet. Could the “E” in BE actually be a ㅌ (ti-geut) in Korean — the consonant syllable for “T” in Bangtan? Is the title is BTS being BTS?! 🤔

4. The titles pointing at BTS’s & ARMYs’ promise to one another

Another popular speculation is that the titles for the album and the concert are actually a connected phrase — to read “BE ON:E“. Some ARMYs even believe that the earlier 2020 album MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 also could play into this equation — to make “7 BE ON:E“, signifying BTS’s promise to ARMYs and themselves to stay true and one.

5. The initials B & E simply flexing straight up

Okay, okay. But has it briefly crossed ARMY minds that maybe this time nothing is connected and BTS decided to flex hard? Cheeky ARMYs remain convinced 200% that BE straight up stands for “B-TS are E-XTRAORDINARY” and to be honest… It wouldn’t be wrong at all, right? 😂