BTS Drops A Surprise Announcement About The New Album “BE” Dropping November 2020

… and we’re bracing ourselves for the wild, wild ride it’s about to BE.

Big Hit Entertainment announced BTS‘s upcoming album BE to be released November 20, 2020 — with a pre-order date of September 28, 2020.

In the exciting announcement, Big Hit Entertainment praised this album to “come with music that is most BTS-esque.”

Hello, this is Big Hit Entertainment. BTS’s new album ‘BE (Deluxe Edition)’ will be released November 20, Friday. Pre-orders begin September 28, Monday. ‘BE (Deluxe Edition)’ is filled with music that best represent ‘BTS’. Starting with BTS’s message that ‘Our lives go on even in the new norm’, the album aims to send comforting support to the fans and the world.

— Big Hit Entertainment

BE comes with extremely high anticipation — as ARMYs have been getting sneak peeks at how BTS members have been working hard to put the album together on their own.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Big Hit Entertainment also called this album “even more meaningful” because of how hands-on the members have been in its production.

BTS participated in not only producing the music, but also selecting the concept, content, and design of the album — making this release even more meaningful. We hope the album brings you closer to BTS’s beliefs, emotions, and hard work, in addition to the even more broadened spectrum of music.

— Big Hit Entertainment

ARMYs are celebrating the comeback season with a hashtag #BTS_BE trending on Twitter!

So… Who’s ready to skip October and go straight into November?

Mm. Mood.