BTS’s Jungkook Gives ARMYs A 10-Second Teaser… And It’s Already A Certified Bop

(Heavy breathing)

BTS‘s Jungkook surprised ARMYs with a vlog-type video of himself at the recording studio! Shared to the official BANGTANTV YouTube channel, this live-streamed video is largely muted out to prevent spoilers.


Audio or none, however, ARMYs are thrilled to see the golden maknae Jungkook putting his musical talent to work…

… especially looking this good in his Balenciaga windbreaker…

… matched with a pair of ripped jeans. As a bonus, ARMYs also got an insider’s look at the cool recording and producing studios where the magic happens!

While playfully complaining that Big Hit Entertainment “knows exactly what they’re doing” by teasing them about the upcoming album with a mute video of Jungkook…

Man, BigHit knows the power of our boys, that’s why instead of spending a lot of money on a teaser (for now), they knew that just a muted out normal cam video of Kookie singing would do a better job at teasing than anything else. Damnit BigHit.😂

— YouTube User @Rhileyn Andrews

… ARMYs did get something out of it! When Jungkook hummed a short verse from the song he is recording, it turned out to be the best ten seconds of the eight-minute video:

Our sing-song birdie!


As obvious as it is from that ten seconds of heaven, the song is going to be a certified bop — and the album, another mega hit. ARMYs can hardly wait for the release, said to be within the year 2020.

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Watch the full video here!

Source: THEQOO