BTS Reveals Details About Their Next Album + The Leisure Activities They’re Currently Doing That They Couldn’t Do Before

They now have more free time.

BTS‘s interview with iHeartRadio was released earlier today, where they dished on the activities they’ve been doing lately as well as details about their next album.

The interviewer, Jojo Wright, began by asking the boys about their whereabouts.

They replied that they are currently in Korea, specifically in a studio where they are getting ready to record their performances.

When asked if they’ve been enjoying their spare time, they all happily shouted “yes”.

According to leader RM, some have been playing the piano, others have been playing the guitar, and still others have been painting and drawing—all of which are activities that they couldn’t do before the pandemic began.

An exciting topic that was brought up was their next album.

Jungkook revealed that it is still on its way but fans can expect it to stay true to BTS’s signature style.

We’re still working on it so we can’t say more, but as always we put the stories we want to tell our listeners.

— Jungkook

Watch the full interview below:

Source: iHeartRadio


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